About Cattery Noske

Our Lunia Noske is one of our females who just got her first litter on January 25 th 2017. Here mother is Milou of Silvershine and her father is Asaar von Skarabäus

Cattery Noske is a very small Cattery in a little village between Leiden and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

We are breeders of the Silver Egyptian Mau
We specialise in Black-Silver-Tabby spotted ( NS 24 ) Egyptian Maus. With the focus on health,
type and temperament and genetic diversity,
we test our cats on PKdef, PKD, HCM, Felv and Fiv.

Our kittens are raised in our home. They are part of our family life like their parents.

Breeders information

Occasionally, we provide breeding kittens, only upon special requests and conditions.

As we want to be sure that our kittens have a good future we visit in general the cattery before.

If the conditions of the Cattery do not meet our standards (hygiene,space, etc.) for a happy life for our cats, we will not engage any contract. In case a deposit has been previously made, the deposit will be refunded.

A breeding male Egyptian Mau cat is not allowed to stay in a small place and has to stay together with an other Egyptian Mau. Egyptian Maus must live in social environment in close contact with humans and other cats. Egyptians Maus are not to be left alone. They are very sensitive and become very stressed when left alone.

The living conditions must be socially adequate for the kittens. The sale becomes valid at the time the contract is signed by the purchaser and the vendor, and only if the total payment is made.